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A collaboration between HB Live Creative Services and Dapp, “Patagonica” is a 4K cinematic adventure chronicling a one-month, 3,700-mile journey through the diverse terrain of Patagonia. With support from a variety of sponsors in the film and adventure industries, we were able to create a short narrative that captures the beauty of Patagonia and the spirit of adventure.

Creative Services

Engaging content has become an indispensable asset in the world of communications. We work collaboratively with our clients to develop anything from corporate messaging to music videos and brand-name commercials. We can execute vision-to-completion or simply provide the experts you need to achieve your production goals.



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HB Live is a full-service video production and sound design provider. We can create your corporate video, commercial spot, web campaign, or motion picture from start-to-finish. Or we can complete your vision with the talent needed to produce, direct, shoot, animate, cut, and score whatever story you want to tell. Plug in to HB Live Creative Services for adaptive solutions to seize your prospects and engage your audience.

Primary Services

• Producing
• Directing
• Shooting
• Editing
• Sound Recording, Mixing, and Design
• Licensed Music and Original Synced Score Composition
• Motion Graphics and Titles
• 2D and 3D Animation
• 3D Renderings
• Wedding & Family Event Shooting

Additional Services

• Creative Development
• Scripting and Copywriting
• Web Authoring and Optimization
• Mastering and Authoring for Duplication
• Legal and Contracts
• Production Consultation
• Casting and Voice Over Talent
• QCed Deliverables for Broadcast and Distribution
• Research and Clearances


• Producing
• Directing
• Cinematography
• Camera Operators
• Steadicam
• Motion Control
• Multi-Camera Shooting
• Live Switched Shooting
• Drones and GoPro
• Ultra-Slow-Motion
• Still Photography


• Reductive Cuts
• Corporate Video
• Montage Editing
• Narrative Editing
• Documentary Editing
• Dynamic Transitions
• Visual Effects/CGI
• Compositing
• 2D and 3D Animation
• Graphics and Text
• Color Correction and Grading


• Location Sound Recording
• Sound Mixing
• Sound Design and Foley
• Dialogue Editing
• Licensed Music
• Original Music/Scores

Production Necessities

• Production Gear
• Specialty Equipment
• Above-the-line
• Production Crew
• Lighting, Grip, and Electric
• Location Procurement
• Studio/Soundstage Access
• Agreements and Contracts


• Concept Development
• Scripting and Copywriting
• Storyboards
• Pre-Visualization
• Production Design


• Needs Analysis
• Production Management
• Creative Guidance
• Resource Management
• Service Recommendations

Media Management & Deliverables

• Content Storage
• Encoding and Authoring
• Web Optimization
• Quality Control



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